Over 30,000 downloads and 1.75 million questions answered

January 2023

Using ChatGPT and LLMs to accelerate Parsnip

December 2022

How we discovered our initial market and built a product for them

November 2022

and why we believe in our mission more than ever
Help Thanksgiving be delicious for as many people as possible
The pitch for Parsnip in a nutshell

October 2022

The thrill of leveling up in a video game, applied to real life
It's not convenience β€” it's confidence.

September 2022

Parsnip in 60 secondsWe’re honored and grateful to be featured on Morning Brew’s 60 Second Startup, hosted by Alex Lieberman. Check out our video on TikTok, Instagram

August 2022

10,000 users and over 60,000 levels completed on Parsnip

July 2022

A giant opportunity in making cooking easier for a billion people

June 2022

Some appetizing data from our launch πŸš€